Adhesives are jointing materials used to act as a bonding agent to provide structurral integrity. Concrete bonding agents, tile and general-purpose adhesives for use with concrete structures.

Adhesives are typically used for fast, reliable, high-performance bonding of numerous materials in just seconds.

  • Cost effective project specific solutions
  • Extensive product portfolio choice
  • Easily applied systems
  • Proven technologies ensuring long term durability
  • World class brands – Nitobond, Nitotile
  • Specification assistance
  • Expert technical advice and customer service
  • Complementary underlay levelling portfolio for tiling solutions

Adhesive Selection

Adhesive selection involves the following considerations:

  1. Substrates:  What are you trying to bond?  Are the surfaces the same or dissimilar, porous or smooth?  Are you covering a large area? Do you have heat or solvent sensitive surfaces?
  2. Application restrictions: How do you intend to apply the adhesive- examples: spray, roll, heat gun, cartridge, squeeze bottle?
  3. Use Requirements: How does the bonded piece get used? How much strength is required? For example, bonding wood requires much more strength than decorative paper crafts do.   What kind of environments might it see?  Will it experience temperature extremes or water/steam?

Areas of usage:

  • Residential and commercial floors and walls
  • Swimming pools
  • External cladding


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Nitotile GP
Nitotile MPA
Nitobond EP
Nitobond EP(Std)
NitoBond AR (STD)
Nitobond SBR Latex