At AquaproAof Anchoring Systems, We serve ourselves as a Project super Stockist and authorised Applicator for Fosroc Chemicals – Pune , India, Following is the brief view about our reliable construction chemicals Product Range :

Fosroc Construction Chemicals:
Fosroc Admixtures
Fosroc Grouts
Surface Treatment
Fosroc Concrete Repair Products
Fosroc Industrial Flooring Products
Fosroc Protective Coating
Fosroc Joints,Sealants Products

Fosroc Waterproofing Treatment Products:
Fosroc Adhesives
All types of Fosroc Project Super Stockist, Fosroc India.We are the Fosroc chemicals supplier in Pune,India with some of the Popular Products

Conbextra GP2
Conplast SP 440
Conplast SP 430 SRV
Conplast P211
Conplast SP500
Conbextra EP10
Fosroc Lokfix and Many More
for more info visit Fosroc Global Website … and most importantly, a proven track record of providing value-driven Constructive Solutions.

More About Concure WB


Concure WB is a water based concrete curing compound based on a low viscosity wax emulsion. It is supplied as a white emulsion which forms a clear film on drying.When first applied to a fresh cementitious surface the emulsion breaks to form a continuous, non-penetrating white coating.
This dries to form a continuous clear film which provides a barrier to moisture loss, ensuring more efficient cement hydration, improved durability and reduced shrinkage.

  • Improved curing of concrete enhances cement hydration and provides a more durable concrete
  • Control of moisture loss improves surface quality, reducing permeability, producing a hard wearing, dust-free surface and minimising potential for surface cracking and shrinkage
  • Fugitive colour provides visual guide during application
  • Water based, therefore, non-flammable
  • Spray application reduces labour costs and eliminates the need for alternative curing systems