Fugaflex Eco

Fugaflex Eco is Eco-friendly, water-based elastomeric latex for normal and rapid-setting mineral grouts, ideal for use in GreenBuilding. Solvent-free, safeguards the health of both operators and the environment.
Fugaflex Eco increases the flexibility of grouts, guaranteeing the continuity of coverings laid on deformable substrates or subject to thermal expansion.



  • Increases adhesion.
  • Does not alter workability, cleaning and interval before normal use.
  • Improves water-repellence and surface hardness.


Coverage ≈ 0.1 – 0.3 kg/sq mtr.

Additive for mineral grouts.

Materials to be grouted:

  • procelain tiles,low thickness slabs,ceramic tiles,kliner,cotto,glass &ceramic mosaic,of all types & formates.
  • natural stone,recomposed materials,marble.

internal and external flooring and walls,in domestic,commercial and application street furniture,in environments subject to heavy traffic,swimming pools,baths and fountains.to grout deformable subtrate,also in areas subjects to thermal shock and freezing.

Do not use:
on floors and walls where specific chemical resistance or absolutely no water absorbency are required;to grout elastic expansion or fractionizing joints;on substrates which are highly deformable,not fully dry r subject to moisture rising ;on tiles or materials with porous or rough surfaces that are difficult to clean