Grouts And Anchors

Cement and resin-based products to fill voids beneath (or between) load-bearing units. Resin-anchoring systems to install permanent and removable anchors and fixings.

With exceptional flow, stability and strength characteristics, our grouts provide the best solution for high precision and critical applications, together with a wide range of cement and resin based anchoring systems. The range of grouts and anchors is tested and outperforms industry laid norms and standards.

  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Long and distinguished track record
  • Assured bonding of critical fixings
  • High strength high performance
  • Cost effective, project specific solutions
  • Proven technologies ensuring long term performance

             There is a wide range of structural grouts available from Fosroc. Fosrocs Grout Range is ideal for high intensity and high quality construction, we know that effective grouting and anchoring relies on more than strength alone.Cement and Epoxy resin grouts for construction applications including grouting baseplates, machine bases, rails and all sorts of voids in new construction and repair work

          Anchoring systems consist of epoxy, polyester and vinylester injection and anchoring systems suitable for application of threaded rods, bolts, reinforcing bars and starter bars into concrete and masonry.By utilising global experience and expertise, Fosroc grout and anchor solutions deliver some of the world’s most innovative product range.


General Purpose Grouts: