Approved for:

  • Cracked and non-cracked concrete C 20/25 to C 50/60.

Also Suitable for:

  • Concrete C 12/15.
  • Natural stone with dense structure.

For fixing of:

  • Steel constructions
  • Railings
  • Consoles
  • Ladders
  • Cable trays
  • Machines
  • Staircases
  • Facades
  • Window elements

Mechanical Anchors FH II

  • Heavy-duty sleeve anchor for push-through installation.
  • When the hexagon nut or screw is tightened, the cone is pulled into the expansion sleeve and expands tensioning it against the hole wall.
  • A4 stainless steel version for outdoor use and in damp conditions (not part of the approval).
  • FH II-SK is not available in stainless steel.


  • The half-moon-shaped recesses stamped in the sleeve allows for contraction in length when tightened. This clamps the item being attached firmly against the concrete surface.
  • Anchor versions for fixings with sophisticated design: FH II-S (hexagon head screw), FH II-H (cap nut) and FH II-SK (countersunk screw).
  • All anchors can be removed flush with the surface.
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The Mechanical Anchors FH II is suitable for push-through installation.

  • When applying the torque, the cone is pulled into the expansion sleeve and expands it against the drill hole wall.
  • The black plastic ring prevents rotation when tightening the anchor, and acts as a crumple zone to take the torque slippage so that the fixture is pulled onto the anchor base.
  • Available head shapes for flexible design solutions:
  • Countersunk head (type SK – for surface flush and fixing points that can be subsequently secured against theft), hexagon head (type S), bolt version with nut and washer (type B) and cap nut (type H).
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Mechanical Anchors FH II
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