Nitoflor® Hardtop/Standard

Nitoflor® Hardtop/Standard are quality controlled, factory blended powder which are ready to use on site. They contain special hardwearing aggregates which have been selected for abrasion and wear resistant properties as well as shape and size. These latter considerations, together with the use of high performance workability admixtures, produces a material which is easy to trowel into the surface of fresh, wet concrete. Nitoflor Hardtop / Nitoflor Hardtop Standard cure monolithically to provide a dense, non-porous surface which is extremely hardwearing and abrasion resistant. Monolithic cure ensures that problems normally associated with thin ‘granolithic’ screeds, viz., shrinkage, cracking, etc., are completely overcome. Being non-metallic, Nitoflor Hardtop / Nitoflor Hardtop Standard provide a non-slip surface which will never rust and disintegrate.


  • Non metallic – does not rust or stain.
  • Provides a hard, abrasion resistant surface.
  • Forms monolithic bond with base concrete.
  • Easy and economical to apply.
  • Provides high impact resistance.

Aquaproof Anchoring Systems is authorised project Super stockist and brushbond authorised Fosroc applicator for Fosroc Chemicals(India) in Pune, Maharashtra and a leading dealer for construction chemicals.

Nitoflor Hardtop / Nitoflor Hardtop Standard provide a highly abrasion resistant surface to concrete floors by the dry shakeon method which ensures that the hardwearing surface bonds monolithically to the base concrete. They are ideally suited for all industrial areas subject to the heaviest traffic, e.g. loading bays, trucking lanes, car parks, workshops, machine shops, ramps and spillways.


It is recommended that the floor be marked off into bays of known area. Sufficient material should then be laid out to meet the required spread rates. Application of Hardtop Natural can begin when the base concrete has stiffened to the point when light foot traffic leaves an imprint of about 3mm. Any bleed water should now have evaporated. Hardtop Natural is applied in two application stages.

The first application is made using 1/2 to 2/3 of the material required for the eventual end use. Hardtop Natural is evenly broadcast onto the concrete surface. When the material becomes uniformly dark by the absorption of moisture from the concrete this first application can be floated.

Application rate – Kg/m2

Heavy Duty – 7.0

Medium Duty – 5.0

Light Duty – 3.0

Nitoflor® Hardtop/Standard are supplied in sealed 25 kg HDPE bags.