STRONGPLAST is chemically surface treated 100% Virgin high tenacity polypropylene straight fibre based cement, mortar (plaster) and concrete additive and is available in graded lengths. It provides 3-D micro-reinforcement to plasters as well as concretes. These are available in multiples of 3 mm, 5 mm and 6 mm. This product is used @ 0.9 kg /m3 of plaster or concrete (minimum). STRONGPLAST complies with ASTM C 1116 and ACI committee report 544-1R.

  • Internal and external plasters.
  • Industrial flooring.
  • Warehouse flooring.
  • Concrete Roads.
  • RCC Beams, Columns & Slabs.
  • Bridge decks.
  • Driveways.
  • Overlays / toppings.
  • Concrete tanks.
  • Precast elements.
  • Shotcrete / guniting.
  • Basement waterproofing.

All types of plasters, precast elements and concretes, where toughness is required along with elimination of shrinkage cracks, reduction in permeability (improved water resistance) and various other parameters mentioned above.


  • Provides inherence micro-reinforcement against shrinkage and intrinsic cracking.
  • Reduces rebound losses in plasters to 60-70%.
  • Reduces bleeding and dust formation in concrete.
  • Improves impact resistance 3-4 times.
  • Improves abrasion resistance by 30-40%.
  • Gives residual strength to concrete thereby helping reduce sudden failures. This is a desirable characteristic of concrete in areas prone to earthquakes.
  • Reduces permeability and thus protects interior paint in plasters.
  • Reduction in permeability also helps protect reinforcement steel in concrete applications.
  • Makes the concrete more durable.
  • Makes hardened concrete more tough.
  • Improves speed and finishing of plasters.



StrongPlast is supplied in 125 gms packs.