Aquastop 100

Aquastop 100  waterproof elastic tape coated on both sides with high-adhesion non-woven polypropylene for perimeter, fractionizing -expansion joints in the AquaExpert 2 system and to seal perimeter joints and between adjacent sheets in the AquaExpert 3 system.

Aquastop 100, practical and quick-to-apply, guarantees continuous waterproofing even at expansion joints.Kerakoll Aquastop 100 Tape offered by Expert Building Solutions, a leading supplier of Waterproofing Material in Pune, India.

  • High elasticity
  • Water-resistant
  • Perfectly applicable with eco-friendly


Balconies, terraces and horizontal external surfaces of any size.
Creation of perimeter and fractionizing/expansion joints in the Aqua-Expert 2 system and sealing perimeter joints and between adjacent sheets in the Aqua-Expert 3 system.

Cut a 40 cm strip of Aquastop 100 and cut halfway into it about halfway along the strip. Fold the strip in half to create an internal corner and two overlapping edges.

Apply the eco-friendly, mineral adhesive from the H40® range (in the AquaExpert 3 system use the eco-friendly, mineral Aquastop Eco  Nanofix sealant) to an area about 10 cm wide around the floor or wall joint and place Aquastop 100 on the wet mineral adhesive along the floor-wall joint. Press firmly and smooth over to ensure the tape adheres perfectly, being careful not to wrinkle it. Take all specific steps to create and apply internal and external corners.