Cebex 200 a plasticising and hydrogen free expansion grout admixture is supplied as a powder admixture. Cebex 200 allows the use of a reduced water / cement ratio with consequent increased strengths and durability. The expansive medium counteracts the natural settlement and plastic shrinkage of the grout and aids stability and cohesion.


  • Hydrogen free expansion system compensates for plastic shrinkage and settlement in properly designed cementitious grout.
  • Reduced water / cement ratio in the grout mix ensures low permeability and long term durability in service.
  • Gives high grout fluidity with low water / cement ratio, thus making placement or injection of the grout easy.
  • No metallic iron content to corrode and cause staining or deterioration due to rust expansion in the grout.
  • Composition allows high early strength development in grouts, without the use of chlorides.

Aquaproof Anchoring Systems is authorised project Super stockist and brushbond authorised Fosroc applicator for Fosroc Chemicals(India) in Pune, Maharashtra and a leading dealer for construction chemicals.

  • Increase workability.
  • Increase compressive strength by reducing water content.
  • Reduces cement content without altering workability and strength.
  • Increase durability of concrete by reducing water permeability.
  • Chloride free, hence safe for reinforced concrete.
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OPC  Concreting Water sand  Cebex 200  Approx. Yield 
50kg  ** 225g  36 litres 
50kg 50kg  ** 225g   57 litres 

** Best determined by site trials. As a guide suggested W/P is 0.39 to 0.45.

Note : For grout, mortar or concrete mixes with an aggregate/ cement ratio more than 1, use 4 x 225g units of Cebex 200 per 100 kg of cement.



Cebex 200 is supplied in 225 gm packs.