Concure LP90(M) concrete curing compound is polymer based continuous film forming curing compound and is supplied as aluminised polymeric resin solution drying to a silver film on application.
Specific Gravity : 0.81 – 0.83
When first applied to a fresh cementitious surface the product forms a continuous, non-penetrating coating. This coating dries to a form a continuous film which provides a barrier to moisture loss ensuring more efficient cement hydration, improved durability and reduced shrinkage. The aluminised grades contain aluminium flakes to meet specifications for reduction of solar temperature gain.


  • Improved curing of concrete enhances cement hydration and provides a more durable concrete.
  • Control of moisture loss improves surface quality, reducing permeability, producing a hard-wearing, dust free surface and minimising potential for surface cracking and shrinkage.
  • Light reflective grades minimise solar temperature gain.
  • Spray application reduces labour costs and eliminates the need for alternative curing systems.

As a spray applied membrane to retain moisture in concrete for effective curing. Suitable for all general concreting applications and of particular benefit for large area concrete surfaces, such as airport runways, roads and bridgeworks.

Leveraging on wide expertise, we are instrumental in providing best quality Fosroc Concure LP90 (M) Curing Agent. Acclaimed widely for its assurance of more than 90% curing efficient the offered product is formulated with compliance to BS 7542-1992 standards. The offered product comes with recommended coverage rate of 3.5 and 5.0 sq.m / liter and can be ordered from us at the best price in the industry.


The recommended coverage rate is between 3.5 and 5.0 sq.m / litre ( 0.200 to 0.285 litres/sq.m). Coverage rates outside this recommended range may be used if necessary and suitable to meet specific requirements. Contact local Fosroc office for advice in such cases.



Concure LP90(M) is supplied in 20 and 200 ltrs containers.