Fugabella Eco PU 40

Fugabella Eco PU 40 develops high surface hardness, guaranteeing the watertightness of seals under the most extreme levels of thermal and mechanical stress in industrial and commercial flooring subject to heavy traffic.

         Eco-friendly, polyurethane, thixotropic organic sealant with a high level of resistance to abrasion for fractionizing joints, ideal for use in GreenBuilding. Safeguards the health of the environment.

  • Walls and floors not subject to heavy traffic, for internal and external use.
  • Suitable for homogeneous tiles and ceramic.
  • High level of adhesion to absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces.


Sealing of construction and connection joints subject to small movements and settling, such as:

  •  fractionizing joints in commercial and industrial floors
  •  metal roof flashings and flat roofs
  • sealing joints in structural steelwork

Bonding of:

  • building materials in general (over-tiles, under-tiles, ornamental bands)
  •  flanges and pipe clips around anchoring bolts, pipes and mullions
  • wood, glass and metal coatings

For internal and external use on cement-based substrates, ceramic tiles, cotto, crude steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, prepainted and plasticized steel plates, aluminium, glass, wood and synthetic resins or with any standard building material.

Do not use

On natural stone, surfaces with low compactness and high levels of dust formation, on bituminous structures and products transuding oil, solvents or plasticizers; on joints subject to high movement; in swimming pools.

Preparation of substrates:

The sides of the joints to be sealed must be perfectly dry, clean and free from any traces of grease, dust or rust. Remove all flaky or loose parts and carefully remove rust from metals.

When preparing visible joints, and in order to achieve a clean sealing line, the user should cover the edges with protective masking using normal adhesive tape.

The sealant must be able to move freely, hence it must not adhere to the bottom of the joint. Insert the Joint preformed, polyethylene foam technical sub-joint layer at a depth appropriate for the size of the joint to be created.

Fugabella® Eco PU 40 is ready-to-use.


Coverage 3m (Joint 10*10mm) with 1 cartridge(310ml).