Fugabella® Eco PU

Eco-friendly, polyurethane organic sealant with a high level of elasticity for expansion-deformation joints, ideal for use in GreenBuilding. Solvent-free, safeguards the health of operators.

Fugabella® Eco PU develops a low elastic modulus thixotropic rheology, guaranteeing high adhesion to absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces such as glass, ceramic tiles and metal.


  • Elastic, waterproof sealing of expansion joints, gaps and cracks in:
  • Prefabricated buildings
  • Civil and industrial  buildings
  • Civil and industrial  engineering works
  • Semi-permanent steel structures

For internal and external use on concrete ,cement-based substrates and plasters, clay bricks, ceramic ,fibro-cement, wood, stainless steel, copper ,galvanized  steel or any metal.

  • Walls and floors not subject to heavy traffic, for internal and external use.
  • Suitable for painting.
  • Suitable for porcelain and ceramic tiles.


Coverage 3m (Joint 10*10mm) with 1 cartridge (310ml).