H40 Ecoflex

H40 Ecoflex develops high transversal deformation along with high resistance to the stress of water and freeze/thaw cycles, guaranteeing the long life of floors and coverings subject to large temperature variations.

        Eco-friendly, mineral adhesive for high-performance, high shear deformation laying or overlaying, ideal for use in GreenBuilding. Single-component with low CO2 emissions and very low volatile organic compound emissions, contains recycled raw materials. Recyclable as an inert material at the end of its life.

  • Suitable for homogeneous tiles, ceramics, large formats, low thickness slabs and stable natural stone.
  • Floors and walls, for internal and external use.
  • SAS® and STC technology guarantee adhesion in real on-site conditions.
  • Thickness upto 10mm.
  • Suitable for underfloor heating systems.
  • Open and adjustability time ≥ 30 mins.


Laying of ceramic tiles, homogeneous tiles, large-size slabs, glass mosaic, dimensionally and colour stable natural stone coverings of all types and formats, on flooring and walls. For domestic, commercial and industrial applications; in areas that are permanently damp and subject to thermal shock and freezing.

Suitable for use on:

  • cement-based plasters and lime and cement,
  • mineral screeds made using hydraulic binders such as KeracemR Eco,
  • cement-based levelling and self-levelling products,
  • concrete and cellular concrete,
  • existing flooring and walls with glazed tiles, cement-based and resin paving, homogeneous tiles,
  • underfloor heating systems,
  • cement and synthetic resin-based waterproofing products,
  • cast asphalt screeds.

Suitable for gypsum-based plasters, plasterboard or anhydrite-based screeds, gypsum or anhydritebased levelling and self-levelling products, after application of the eco-friendly water-based surface isolation product Primer A Eco.

Do not use

Do not use on plastic or resilient materials, metals, wood and on substrates subject to continuous moisture rising.


Coverage ≈ 2.5-4 kg/sq mtr.