Joints, Sealants and Waterproofing

Fosroc’s extensive range of Joints, Sealants and Waterproofing , manufactured to the highest quality standards backed by independent test certificates.Flexible jointing materials filling gaps and sealing slots between two elements to provide future movement and sealing against wind, rain, fire and chemicals. Fosroc sealants can be found in many stadia throughout the world providing watertight and fire-rated seals.

        Fosroc include waterproof membranes, waterstops, joint sealants, concrete repair mortars, resin flooring, protective coatings, structural strengthening, grouts and concrete admixtures manufactured to the highest quality Standards. Fosroc offers one of the most comprehensive ranges in belowground waterproofing, providing leak-free buildings around the world.We have waterproofing systems providing the most up-to-date technologies from basement to roof to ensure long lasting integrity and durability of your building structure.

               Fosroc waterproofing products are available as preformed, torch-on or liquid or spray applied membranes. Fosroc also supply swelling waterstops, polyurea coatings and drainage membranes. Our range of sealants include the hioflex, Colpor, Nitoseal brands and a MS polymer façade sealant range. Fosroc fireproofing products include flexible intumescent sealants and one or two part ranges for all fire ratings.

Products: Thioflex, Colpor, Nitoseal

Flexible materials enabling relative movement of components of a structure and preventing the ingress of water, wind or chemicals.

  • One-part easy installation, long service life
  • Long established two-part range for transport sector
  • Water industry suitable products
  • MS Polymer façade range