Kerakoll – The Green Building Company.

Focus on the environmental sustainability of a home as it relates to the health of its inhabitants:
This is the core philosophy that underlies the Kerakoll GreenBuilding

Kerakoll’s technological innovation, research and sustainability guarantee exceptional performance with low environmental impact for those who choose to live in a GreenBuiliding environment. GreenBuilding is refleted in our focus on the environment, the quality of life of the people inside the buildings and energy savings.

Through all of this, Kerakoll, a global leader in the field of GreenBuilding solutions, aims to promote improve residential quality around the world, helping people live better.

    GreenBuilding does good because it:

  • Respects the environment.
  • Improves the quality of air in confined environments.
  • Curbs illness caused by Sick Building Syndrome.
  • Prevents the proliferation of micro-organisms.
  • Improves the energy efficiancy of the buildings.