Nitocote®EP405 is a two pack, solvent free, epoxy resin material. It is supplied in pre-measured quantities ready for site mixing and use. The material cures to provide a smooth, hygienic and tough finish which is suitable for contact with potable water and foodstuffs. It is available in blue and white colours.


  • Food grade & Hygienic – CFTRI approved for suitability to potable water and food stuff storage.
  • Compatible with all substrates – Can be applied directly on to mild steel and concrete.
  • Aesthetic – Forms a smooth, glossy and to easy clean surface on curing.
  • Abrasion resistant – Exceptional resistance to abrasion and to a wide range of chemicals.
  • Corrosion resistant – Does not contain any metallic particles.
  • Chemical resistant – Proven against a wide range of industrial chemicals.
  • Solvent free & Non – toxic – No odour during application and can be used in confined areas.

Aquaproof Anchoring Systems is authorised project Super stockist and brushbond authorised Fosroc applicator for Fosroc Chemicals(India) in Pune, Maharashtra and a leading dealer for construction chemicals.

Nitocote®EP405 is used for lining and waterproofing potable water retaining structures and surfaces subject to contact with foodstuffs. The cured film is resistant to corrosion, chemical attack and abrasion and is suitable for application to reservoirs, tanks, silos, water treatment works, breweries, dairies and meat and food processing plants. The cured film is non-toxic and meets the requirements of IS : 9833 – 1981.

Nitocote®EP405 covers 10.0 m 2 per litre per coat at 100 micron thickness. The coverage figure is theoretical – due to wastage factors and the variety and nature of substrates, practical coverage figures may be substantially reduced.


Nitocote®EP405 comes in a 4 litre pack.