Nitoflor TF30 is a three part solvent-free combination of epoxy resin, modified amine hardeners filled with specially graded and selected high crushing strength, chemically inert aggregates.

It is laid by trowel as durable chemical resistant screed at approximately 3-6 mm thickness. This nominal thickness provides an impervious topping which is highly chemical resistant by the very careful choice of amine curing agent and graded aggregate. The system includes Nitoprime 25 a two pack epoxy resin primer and Nitoflor TF30 which are both supplied in pre-weighed units ready for on site mixing and application. The finished, cured floor has a slightly granular texture of uniform self colour.

It is laid by trowel at approximately 3-6mm thick depending upon the requirement. It is highly chemical and abrasion resistant.


  • Durable – Exceptional resistance to abrasion and to a wide range of chemicals.
  • Non-slip – Good gripping surface to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic.
  • Easily laid – Designed for easy laying to a fair finish.
  • Texture – Close textured surface – no need for over coating.
  • Proven – Successful use proven in a wide performance variety of aggressive locations.

Aquaproof Anchoring Systems is authorised project Super stockist and brushbond authorised Fosroc applicator for Fosroc Chemicals(India) in Pune, Maharashtra and a leading dealer for construction chemicals.

Nitoflor TF30 provides an extremely high strength floor topping with exceptional resistance to the surface mechanical wear and attack from chemical spillage, is impervious and, at the same time, has a safe non-slip finish for personnel and vehicular traffic.

Ideally suited for heavy engineering plants, chemical handling and process areas, steelworks, dairies, breweries, oil refineries, paint workshops, battery rooms, plating factories, sugar and food industries. Also widely used for areas of lighter duty where above average durability and low maintenance costs are required.

Nitoflor TF30 – 4.0 m2 /Pack @3mm thickness

Nitoflor TF30 comes in 12L packs.