Nitowrap EP(GF) is a glass fibre composite wrapping system where Nitowrap GF is used in conjunction with an epoxy sealer cum primer, Nitowrap 30, and a high build epoxy saturant Nitowrap 410. The system is protected by a polyurethane top coat of Nitowrap 512 in case of atmospherically exposed structures.


  • Very high strength to thickness or weight ratio – Appreciable increase in strength and load carrying capacity without significant increase in dead load.
  • Enhanced stiffness, shear & tensile capacities – increased load carrying capacity and better resistance to seismic forces and deflection.
  • Chemical resistant – excellent resistance to acids and alkalis.
  • Flexible- Can be applied on any shape or contour of substrate.
  • Thin sections – Can be effectively used in space constrained areas.
  • Economical- Easy to install, time & labour saving.

Aquaproof Anchoring Systems is authorised project Super stockist and brushbond authorised Fosroc applicator for Fosroc Chemicals(India) in Pune, Maharashtra and a leading dealer for construction chemicals.

Nitowrap EP(GF) is a glass fibre composite system for strengthening columns, beams and slabs of load bearing structures particularly where improvement to shear strength and deformation characteristics is required. It is ideal for seismic retrofitting also. Typical applications include piers, columns, beams, slabs, retaining walls, masonry bridges, pipes, chimneys, tunnels and other structures.

Product Color


Pot Life@ 300C



Indicative coverage
Per coat/Ltr

Nitowrap 30


20 min.



8.0-10.0 m2

Niotwrap 410


120 min.



3.5-4.0 m2

Nitowrap 512


60 min.



8.0-10.0 m2

Nitowrap Glass Fibre is supplied in rolls of 1m width by 43.9 m length. i.e., 43.9 m2 per roll.
Nitowrap 30 – 3.5 L
Nitowrap 410 – 4 L
Nitowrap 512 – 4 L
Nitoflor Sol – 5 & 20 L