PENETRON® is a surface-applied, integral crystalline waterproofing material, which waterproofs and protects concrete in-depth. It consists of Portland cement, specially treated quartz sand and a compound of active chemicals. PENETRON® needs only to be mixed with water prior to application. When PENETRON® is applied to a concrete surface, the active chemicals react with moisture and the by-products of cement hydration to cause a catalytic reaction which generates an insoluble, crystalline structure. These crystals fill the pores and minor shrinkage cracks in the concrete to prevent any further water ingress (even under pressure). However, PENETRON® will still allow the passage of vapor through the structure (i.e. the concrete will be able to “breathe”). Even after the concrete has cured, PENETRON® remains dormant in the concrete and will reactivate in the presence of moisture to seal capillary tracts and hairline cracks. In addition to waterproofing the structure, PENETRON® protects concrete against seawater, wastewater, aggressive ground water and many other aggressive chemical solutions. PENETRON® is approved for use in contact with potable water, and is therefore suitable for use in water storage tanks, reservoirs, water treatment plants, etc. PENETRON® is not a decorative material.

  • Becomes an integral part of the concrete, forming a complete body of strength and durability; PENETRON® should not be confused with a coating or membrane
  • Penetrates deeply and seals concrete’s capillary tracts and shrinkage cracks.
  • Can be applied from either the positive or negative side
  • Waterproofing and chemical-resistance properties remain intact even if the surface is damaged
  • Completely effective against high hydrostatic pressure
  • More effective overall and less costly than hydrolitic membrane or clay panel systems
  • Easy to apply, labor-cost effective
  • Increases concrete’s compressive strength
  • Cannot come apart at the seams, tear or be punctured
  • Does not require protection during backfilling, placement of steel or wire mesh, and other common procedures
  • Seals hairline and shrinkage cracks of up to 1/64” (0.4 mm) rather than merely masking or bridging them
  • Resists chemical attack (pH 3-11 constant contact, pH 2-12 intermittent contact) and provides a range of protection from freeze/thaw cycles, aggressive subsoil waters, sea water, carbonates, chlorides, sulfates and nitrates
  • Can be applied to moist or “green” concrete
  • Protects embedded steel (reinforcing steel and wire mesh)
  • Non-toxic. Approved for potable water applications (NSF 61)
  • Zero VOC – Penetron powdered products contain zero volatile organic compounds and are safe for use both outdoors and in confined indoor spaces.