Renderoc RG(L)

Renderoc RG(L) is supplied as a ready to use blend of dry powder, which requires only the site addition of clean water to produce a free-flowing, non-shrink microconcrete. The material is based on Portland cements, and fillers, and additives which impart controlled expansion characteristics in the plastic state, while minimising water demand. The low water requirement ensures high early strength and long-term durability. For larger repairs, Renderoc RG(L) may be modified by the addition of 5mm to 12mm clean, graded saturated surface dry aggregates at site. For exceptionally large repairs, the local Fosroc office should be consulted.


  • Gaseous expansion system compensates for shrinkage and settlement in the plastic state.
  • Can be pumped or poured into restricted locations.
  • Highly fluid to allow for placement without vibration.
  • Pre-packed to overcome site-batched variations.
  • Low permeability.
  • Economical.
  • Contains no chloride admixture.
  • Ease of use.

Dosage range

 13 litres/25 Kg @ W/P 0.16

      Aquaproof Anchoring Systems is authorised project Super stockist and brushbond authorised Fosroc applicator for Fosroc Chemicals(India) in Pune, Maharashtra and a leading dealer for construction chemicals.



For economical repairs to damaged reinforced concrete elements, particularly where access is restricted and where vibration of the placed material is difficult or impossible. Suitable for various structural strengthening measures such as filling honeycombs and cracks.

Technical support

Fosroc offers a technical support package to specifiers, endusers and contractors as well as technical on-site assistance in locations all over the country.

Design criteria

Renderoc RG(L) can be applied in sections upto 100mm deep. For larger sections, the addition of approved aggregates may be required. This will depend on the specific configuration of the repair location.




13 litres/25 Kg @ W/P 0.16.




Not specified.