Resin Anchors R

Approved for :

  • Non-cracked concrete ≧ C12/15 and maximum C50/60.

Also suitable for:

  • Natural stone with dense structure.

For fixing of:

  • Steel constructions.
  • Railings.
  • Consoles.
  • Ladders.
  • Cable trays.
  • Machines.
  • Staircases.
  • Gates.
  • Facades.
  • High Racks.
  • Wooden Constructions.
  • Stand-off installations.
  • This established fixing system consists of the RG M threaded rod and the resin capsule RM.
  • The 2-component resin capsule RM contains quick-setting styrene-free vinylester resin and hardener.
  • During setting, the edges of the threaded rod destroy the capsule in the drill hole, which mix and activate the mortar.
  • The resin adheres to the entire surface of the threaded rod, bonding it to the wall of the drilled hole.


Resin Anchors R:

  • Threaded rods are supplied with an easy to use hexagonal installation drive or can be installed with an adapter.
  • High-performance resin guarantees high loads in noncracked concrete.
  • The resin anchoring is free of expansion forces and permits small axial spacings and edge distances.
  • Wide range for many applications.
  • New European design method enables optimum use of the anchor system for cost-efficient fixing.
  • The expansion stress free anchoring allows minimal spacing and edge distances and guarantees a save use with small anchor plates and edge distances.
  • The included setting tool guarantees save anchoring of threaded rods(M8-M20).
  • Large range of available fixing length gives perfect allocation of the given fixture.

Resin Anchors R:

Type of installation:

  • Prior insertion installation.

Installation information:

  • Suitable for use in wet concrete and under water.
  • Threaded rod must be placed with an impact-rotational process by using an electric tool (percussion drill, hammer drill).
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